Bronzed, healthy and luminous is what you want your summer skin to ultimate look and feel like during these warmer months.

Do away with heavy talc, lanolin and paraben based makeup and say yes to mineral filled, light weight yet great coverage, cosmetics and be kind to your body.

(Methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl are all parabens- don’t be fooled!)

Prepare your summer skin with our Rose Mineral Face Primer to refresh and rejuvenate skin and feel the difference. This is also great to mix with a little Mineral Powder Foundation to create a beautifully silky cream base that can act like a tinted moisturiser.

Gently dust Transforming Dolls Mineral Radiant Bronze to create a luminous, sun-kissed surface then apply your Mineral Skin Illuminant Cream to highlight skin and presto a refreshingly radiant complexion!

Add a touch of our Mineral Lip & Cheek Tints to create a subtle hue of colour and finish with a few lashings of Mineral Mascara in Deep Moss or Blue-black to draw attention to your eyes. With jojoba and castor seed oils to condition, your lashes will love you, especially during the summer months!

Don’t forget to highlight brows with your Mineral Brow & Contour Brush in your chosen colours. Well defined brows are a definite compliment to a sun kissed, luminous skin this Summer!