Choosing safe play make-up for our little Princesses and Ballerinas need not be a challenge any more. After numerous requests from our wonderful Transforming Dolls clients, we are about to release our own non toxic girls play makeup.

As mothers, we enjoy our children interacting in creative play but worry about what they’re actually using on their faces and is it going to irritate delicate young skins?

Our non toxic girls play makeup offers

No Mess…No Fuss…No Nasties…

No Mess

After researching many children’s creative play items, all I kept thinking was what a mess this is going to make! Our first release Dance Palette is in a convenient case with 5 cream base colours. No loose powders that make an incredible mess!

No Fuss

As Stage Mums (we’re not all crazy, obsessive) when it comes time for their concerts we are scattering around trying to find all the items requested to be used on show day! Well we have given you a no fuss palette containing;

Sapphire Blue pearlescent Eye Cream, Radiant Cream Bronzer, Pink Delight Illuminant Cream, Pink Punch Lip Cream & Dance Earth Red Lip Cream (this has more of an earthy tone but beautifully suited for young skins with great stage presence and no nastie colourants).

No Nasties

We strive to produce a high quality, non toxic play makeup. To create a true red pigment, ingredients like FD&C and/or Carmine must be used which are not as favourable as Red Oxide colourants and less likely to create irritation on their little lips. We pride ourselves on using either certified organic ingredients and alternatives to traditional mainstream preservatives, colourants and thickeners. We contain No Parabens, No Lanolin, No Petroleum.

We are very excited for the launch of our Transforming Dolls non toxic girls play makeup  and will showcase it at the upcoming Mathilda Childrens Market in Melbourne this November 2014. Stay tuned for upcoming news!