Many make-up enthusiasts  deliberate on whether to Cream Blush or Powder Blush and which gives you the best effect?

The answer is both!!

Dependant on what you want to achieve will determine which mineral make-up texture you will choose.

Mineral powders can offer more intensity of colour when layered. This is great to achieve a beautifully contoured cheekbone or to emphasise the apples of the cheeks.

Transforming Dolls Mineral Powder Blush are available  in 2 shades and offer a beautiful hue of colour or layer to achieve a glorious glow. Our Mineral Radiant Bronzer is another alternative and can be used, not only as an all over bronzer but as a blush contour.

Best applied with our Angled Blush Brush to achieve an easy contoured effect, our mineral powders can create a multitude of looks.

When choosing Mineral Cream Blushers, you are guaranteed a more subtle and dewy effect. Excellent for daily use.

Our Mineral Trio Cream Blush & Illuminant Creams was developed for the woman on the go!  Many of us can be quite time poor, trying to juggle a career, household & social life all whilst  trying to look fabulous!

Hence, why we developed this little trio compact!

Use Rose to brighten cheekbones or create a delicate contour. Warm Bronze adds warmth to the skin and can be used as an alternative to a powdered bronzer. Thirdly, our favourite, the Mineral Cream Illuminant (also available in a single compact) is your answer to beautiful, soft illuminant skin. Used as a highlighting tool on cheekbones, under the brow bone and any where you require a soft glow. Great to give your skin the “pick me up” it sometimes needs! Best applied with our Kabuki Blending Brush for ease of application.

So in conclusion, dependant on what make-up style you would like to create or how your skin is feeling on that particular day, mineral creams and mineral powders can offer different effects and help brighten your skin!

( Model wears Transforming Dolls Mineral Blush in Tangerine with our Mineral Skin Illuminant Cream)